The Revolution Can't Be Quarantined

Episode Summary

Philadelphia based activist and writer Steven Powers discusses the 'survival programs' his organization is building, and the multitude of ways capitalism has exacerbated the pandemic crisis.

Episode Notes

Philadelphia based community organizer and writer Steven Powers helps run a community based, free, socialist gym, the People Power Gym, and is involved in a number of other community survival projects. In this episode we discuss how his organization was able to turn these survival programs into a Covid-19 mutual aid grocery program, delivering free groceries throughout their neighborhood. We also discuss how capitalism has exacerbated this pandemic into a crisis with blood on its hands, the need for community organizing, a cautious understanding of 'mutual aid', and Sock'em Boppers

Support their fundraiser here. You can read Safiyah Bukhari's The War Before here, and George Jackson's Soledad Brother here

Audio samples used:

  1. Assata Shakur, Eyes of the Rainbow
  2. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Safiyah Bukhari: Lioness for Liberation
  3. Fred Hampton, On the Importance of Education
  4. Ericka Huggins, On Meditation