The Palestinian Resistance & Sheikh Jarrah

Episode Summary

Palestinian activist and writer Mohammed el-Kurd talks to us about the current resistance against israeli ethnic cleansing taking place in Sheikh Jarrah, and Palestinian resistance more broadly.

Episode Notes

The entire world has witnessed israel's naked colonial violence in Sheikh Jarrah, Palestine, where countless Palestinians have been brutalized and forcefully removed from their homes. Palestinian writer and activist Mohammed el-Kurd joins the show to discuss the latest round of ethnic cleansing in his home neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, the many ways that Palestinians are resisting israel colonial domination, and why we're seeing unprecedented resistance from Palestinians.  We also discuss those who only support Palestinians when they appear to be 'perfect victims' but are quiet when they are resisting iraeli state violence, and how international media is complicit in ongoing israeli apartheid. 

Palestinian-American medical worker and community organizer Abu Shawarib joins as co-host. 

This is a special bonus episode of season 3 in collaboration with Mondoweiss, an independent website devoted to informing readers about developments in occupied Palestine and related US foreign policy.