The Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela's Fight Against US Imperialism (Part 1)

Episode Summary

In collaboration with, we remove the imperialist propaganda dominating the news to understand the historical and current imperialist aggression against Venezuela their President, Nicholas Maduro.

Episode Notes

In collaboration with, this is part one of a two-part special on current events in Venezuela, as well as the historical developments which have led to the country being the target of an international imperialist campaign, conducted by the U.S., to remove the popularly elected President Maduro and install a Western puppet via a coup. We remove the imperialist propaganda dominating the news and interview four different people whose analyses are key to understanding Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution, U.S. imperialism, grassroots activism, sanctions, race, gender and agriculture in the country, and so much more.

For part one, you will hear an interview with Jeanette Charles from, who gives a general overview of what is occurring in Venezuela: Western governments, lead by the U.S., supporting a coup attempt by an unelected representative of an elite opposition party. Then we speak with human rights lawyer and author Dan Kovalik, who was an official observer of Venezuela's elections, who discusses the important process of elections and the trend of U.S. election meddling across the world.