The Green New Deal & Agrarian Revolution

Episode Summary

The increasingly popular 'Green New Deal' offers little for the Global South, and is essentially a 'green' version of industrial capitalism. In this episode, we discuss academic writer Max Ajl's critique of this deal and much, much more.

Episode Notes

Writer, academic, and activist Max Ajl discusses his critique of the Green New Deal, which particularly looks at the ways in which the Green New Deals intentionally leaves out the Global South and functions to preserve a "green" version of industrial capitalism.

Then he explains what ecological catastrophe like global warming could mean for the Global South if left in our current state of global capitalism, and we explore revolutionary, agricultural alternatives to the Green New Deal that have emerged from the Third World. In short, full decolonization marks the future of hope in combating global ecological catastrophe.

Finally, we end on a conversation about food and agricultural sovereignty before Samir Amin's 'delinking' theory, which Ajl wrote about here, and says can be a powerful model for moving forward.