The Philosophy of Amílcar Cabral's Actions

Episode Summary

We take a look at the philosophy and theory that guided African revolutionary Amílcar Cabral.

Episode Notes

We explore the philosophy and theoretical work behind the actions of Amílcar Cabral, African revolutionary from Guinea-Bissau who helped lead a succesful anti-colonial movement against the Portugese in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.

Reasearcher, writer, and organizer Zeyad El Nabolsy discusses Cabral's approach to culture and cultural liberation, dispels some eurocentric and racist myth surrounding Cabral's legacy, and looks at Cabral's relationship to Marxism.

You can find Zeyad's essays we reference here, as well as the essay by Blaut here which he mentions towards the end.

Intro/outro audio: Angela Davis on Amilcar Cabral, 1973

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