The (un)Logic of Afro-Pessimism and Anti-Blackness

Episode Summary

A critical discussion on Afro-Pessimism, 'Anti-Blackness' theory, and the future of our movements if these two things continue to gain traction.

Episode Notes

Organizer and academic Annie Olaloku-Teriba discusses her recent essay, which is a critique of Afro-Pessimism, "anti-blackness" theory, and how these two things often negatively impact organizing spaces. We try to break down lots of academic jargon and wordy concepts to dive into a conversation which is crucial right now for Black studies and the movements it represents.

This is one of my favorite episodes yet; a conversation which dives deep into the world and currently contemptuous debates occurring in Black Studies, however discussed without leaving unfamiliar listeners behind—we make sure at every step to explain the contexts and meaning to what we're discussing.

A few of the books mentioned: